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5 Top make up looks for Spring Weddings

No wedding-day look is complete without the perfect makeup.. It's important to consider the style of your dress as the makeup must compliment the overall look.


2 Something blue…

A rich deep navy eyeliner pressed into the lash line will give depth and focus to your eyes. A navy blue eyeliner will make brown and hazel eyes look like super rich chocolate and make the whites of the eyes super bright. Eyeliner can be daunting and the cardinal sin of liner is not smudging, get a cotton bud to trace the shape in a back and forth wiggle motion to create a dazzling haze. Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl in Marlene Midnight


4 Fresh skin

Perfect skin is a key component to any look as it is the majority of the area on the face, so when you get it right you’ve hit the jackpot. To achieve a radiant skin luminosity like the texture of silk, you want light to bounce off the skin resulting in health and a glowing face, enhancing that glow from within. Massage the skin when applying skincare to get the blood flowing, complexion to look healthy. Laura Mercier, Foundation Primer Radiance has a pearl tint that also smooths texture.

Image by Hacker Photography, makeup Lisa Caldognetto and hair Abigail Constanza


1 Enhancing eyeliner

A feline eyeliner gives a sultry lifted look and feminine feel whilst being effortless. If you are unsure of what to wear for your wedding makeup, opt for a classic line, it always looks modern. It works best simply against a nude eyeshadow swept over the eyelid. Apply eyeliner with eyes open, looking down into a mirror for the ultimate precision and finish the flicks in an upward direction. Keep pointed cotton buds within arms reach for any boo boos. Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

Image from patrickta


3 Boho gold glitter

This sparkly playful look is effortless to achieve. It beautifully mimics the golden fresh light you get in Spring. Press glitter on to the eye lid and finish by curling the lashes and coating in a generous layers mascara. Charlotte Tilbury exagger-eyes palette.


5 Stained soft lips

Infusing colour lifts the complexion and gives a air of romance. Apply a with the fingers and press into the lips to give a soft appearance with a stronger colour in the centre of the lips. Keep the lip line soft and blurred, this is a lived in look. A cheek stain doubles up as a lip colour, these products go the extra mile. Glossier cloud paint, haze.

Image Honey willow, Shot by Egle Vasi, HMUA Lisa Caldognetto

Let me know which look inspires you the most in the comments below!


Lisa x

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