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Lisa's advice for brides on their beauty and make up journey leading up to your big day

5 Reasons why you should hire a make up artist for your wedding

You have spent so many hours meticulously planning one of the most monumental days of your lives. It is your day to be pampered, preened and made to feel your best. Your wedding pictures will be treasured by you, family and friends for years to come. 

wedding makeup artist

1. Wedding help

As tempting as the offer is of having your makeup done by a friend who is amazing at doing their own makeup, an amateur blogger or who dabbles in makeup, avoid this generous proposal as it could lead to disappointment. I have previously had bridesmaids subtly come to me to fix the work and seen people wash off the makeup. We can all relate to that sinking feeling we have had when getting makeup done at some point and walking out plastered in makeup feeling insecure and most importantly not yourself, wanting to never have anyone touch your face again. Word of mouth is the most reliable source of finding a good makeup artist. Hire an expert with experience.


2. Knowlege is power

An industry professional comes with a lot of knowledge about beauty. They will confidently listen and collaborate with you to create the most beautiful makeup for you. The most annoying thing about us makeup artists is that we make it look easy. It has taken years of practice to perfect the blend, work on different faces and more. As professionals, we help keep you calm, so you can sit back and relax.


3. Something for everyone

A quality kit with luxury brands that cater for all. Make up for you and your bridal party isn't a one size fits all job. Each and every person has a different skin type, colour, eyes, outfit the list goes on. A trained artist will ensure each person looks like the best version of themselves. The kit will also be hygienic and the artist should be insured. 

makeup artist kit

4. Value is what you get

Compile images you like. Don't let the smoke and mirrors of filters ( the Kardashian effect) in images let you get carried away. The images you like may also be a different skin tone, eye shape so factor this into what is realistic. Your makeup artist will celebrate you as an individual. The morning will feel so relaxed and make you feel your best as your in safe hands. 


5. You are worth it

Budget for it and bite the bullet. A makeup artist costs so much more than the products they use on you, it factors in so many elements such as thousands of pounds worth of product, years of investing time and money into their skill craft, insurance, marketing as a few. You look at makeup artists that rates start at £150 and will vary based on the experience as well as the points mentioned above. 

This may come as a surprise to some but I hired a makeup artist to do my wedding makeup and the bridal party which was a real treat and created a lovely atmosphere. When you look back on your wedding day, you will be so pleased you hired a professional to make you feel at ease and your most beautiful on the most magical day of your life.


Lisa x